Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary

"We Never Stop!"

The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary (FOCLA) was founded in 2007 by Regina Fairchild and Warren Hylton. We are a nonprofit organization, headquartered in Beckley, West Virginia, established to educate the public about the importance of coal in our daily lives and to support coal miners and their families. The organization has grown from a local grass-roots organization of 2,000 members into a nationwide organization of thousands of members.

Coal is an integral part of our nation’s success. More than half of the nation’s electricity, and 99% of West Virginia’s electricity, is generated from mined coal. West Virginia leads the nation in underground production of coal, and coal is at the center of life in the Mountain State. FOCLA raises awareness about the positive benefits of coal and supports the individuals and families who work to mine coal for our nation. Our activities include developing and delivering education resources, providing food and clothing to those in need, supporting those recovering from substance abuse, helping with local conservation projects, supporting our veterans and military families, and providing scholarships for post-secondary education.

Members of FOCLA come from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and economic statuses. All donate their time and talents to pursue our mission. Membership is FREE and open to all who want to make West Virginia, the United States, and the world a better place to live.

Join the hardworking, fun-loving individuals that make up FOCLA and learn more about the energy that fuels your life while making a positive contribution to society. The Friends of Coal Ladies Auxiliary will help you learn why you need coal in your life and how you can share this information with others.

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